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An Amish Husband for Tillie / Amy Lillard

An Amish Husband for Tillie

Hold on Tight / Gray, Shelley Shepard

Hold on Tight

A Perfect Amish Romance / Shelley Shepard Gray

A Perfect Amish Romance

All In / Shelley Shepard Gray

All In

An Appalachian Summer / Ann H. Gabhart

An Appalachian Summer

Heart of a Hero / Warren, Susan May

Heart of a Hero

The Escape / Lisa Harris

The Escape

To Steal a Heart / Jen Turano

To Steal a Heart

Truly, Madly, Deeply / Kingsbury, Karen

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Closer Than She Knows / Irvin, Kelly

Closer Than She Knows

Set the Stars Alight / Amanda Dykes

Set the Stars Alight

Two Reasons to Run / Coble, Colleen

Two Reasons to Run

Endless Mercy / Tracie Peterson,Kimberley Woodhouse

Endless Mercy

An Amish Christmas Wedding / Amy Clipston,Kathleen Fuller,Kelly Irvin,Vannetta Chapman

An Amish Christmas Wedding

The Christmas Swap / Melody Carlson

The Christmas Swap

How Sweet It Is / Robin Lee Hatcher

How Sweet It Is

An Ivy Hill Christmas: A Tales from Ivy Hill Novella / Julie Klassen

An Ivy Hill Christmas: A Tales from Ivy Hill Novella

Love's Mountain Quest / Misty M. Beller

Love's Mountain Quest

Steadfast Mercy / Reid, Ruth

Steadfast Mercy

These Nameless Things / Smucker, Shawn

These Nameless Things

Amish Generations / Kathleen Fuller

Amish Generations

At Love's Command / Karen Witemeyer

At Love's Command

The Key to Everything / Valerie Fraser Luesse

The Key to Everything

Acceptable Risk / Lynette Eason

Acceptable Risk

Line by Line / Jennifer Delamere

Line by Line

The Mockingbird's Song / Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Mockingbird's Song

A Dazzle of Diamonds / Johnson, Liz

A Dazzle of Diamonds

Forever by Your Side / Peterson, Tracie

Forever by Your Side

The Librarian of Boone's Hollow / Sawyer, Kim Vogel

The Librarian of Boone's Hollow

The Lost Lieutenant / Vetsch, Erica

The Lost Lieutenant

Peace in the Valley / Irvin, Kelly

Peace in the Valley

Relative Silence / Parks, Carrie Stuart

Relative Silence

Morning Star / Hubbard, Charlotte

Morning Star

Turning Tide / Carlson, Melody

Turning Tide

Colors of Truth / Alexander, Tamera

Colors of Truth

Lizzie's Heart / Simpson, Susan Lantz

Lizzie's Heart

The Haunting of Bonaventure Circus / Jaime Jo Wright

The Haunting of Bonaventure Circus

The Kissing Tree / Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Amanda Dykes, Nicole Deese

The Kissing Tree

Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey / Abigail Wilson

Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey

A Picture of Love / Beth Wiseman

A Picture of Love

The Gentleman Spy / Erica Vetsch

The Gentleman Spy

Her Secret Song / Mary Connealy

Her Secret Song

All That I Dread / Linda J. White

All That I Dread

Autumn Skies / Hunter, Denise

Autumn Skies

Backlash / Dylan, Rachel


Beirut Protocol / Rosenberg, Joel C.

Beirut Protocol

Double Dose of Love / Fuller, Kathleen

Double Dose of Love

Loving Jenna / Amy Lillard

Loving Jenna

The Coffee Corner / Amy Clipston

The Coffee Corner

The Key to Love / Betsy St Amant

The Key to Love

The Moonlight School / Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Moonlight School

Nine / Rachelle Dekker


The Sowing Season / Katie Powner

The Sowing Season

Texas Baby Pursuit / Margaret Daley

Texas Baby Pursuit