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Peach Tea Smash / Childs, Laura

Peach Tea Smash

The Lost Coast / Jonathan Kellerman,Jesse Kellerman

The Lost Coast

Hard to Kill / James Patterson,Mike Lupica

Hard to Kill

Fire and Bones / Reichs, Kathy

Fire and Bones

Between a Flock and a Hard Place / Andrews, Donna

Between a Flock and a Hard Place

Angel of Vengeance / Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

Angel of Vengeance

The Teacher / McFadden, Freida

The Teacher

Spirit Crossing / Krueger, Wwilliam Kent

Spirit Crossing

Shadow of Doubt / Thor, Brad

Shadow of Doubt

House of Glass / Pekkanen, Sarah

House of Glass

Pitch Dark / Doiron, Paul

Pitch Dark

Devil's Kitchen / Fox, Candice

Devil's Kitchen

Dating Can Be Deadly / Flower, Amanda

Dating Can Be Deadly

A Refiner's Fire / Donna Leon

A Refiner's Fire

Patchwork Quilt Murder / Leslie Meier

Patchwork Quilt Murder

Lost Man's Lane / Scott Carson

Lost Man's Lane

Flashpoint / Catherine Coulter


Flashback / Iris Johansen,Roy Johansen


A Death in Cornwall / Daniel Silva

A Death in Cornwall

Confessions of the Dead / James Patterson,J. D. Barker

Confessions of the Dead

Clete / James Lee Burke


W. E. B. Griffin Zero Option / Peter Kirsanow

W. E. B. Griffin Zero Option

No One Can Know / Kate Alice Marshall

No One Can Know

All the Colors of the Dark / Chris Whitaker

All the Colors of the Dark

Lights, Camera, Bones / Haines, Carolyn

Lights, Camera, Bones

Westport / Comey, James


One Perfect Couple / Ruth Ware

One Perfect Couple

Murder in a Cup / Lauren Elliott

Murder in a Cup

In Sunshine Or in Shadow / Rhys Bowen,Clare Broyles

In Sunshine Or in Shadow

Farewell, Amethystine / Walter Mosley

Farewell, Amethystine

Eruption / Michael Crichton,James Patterson


You Like It Darker / King, Stephen

You Like It Darker

A Talent for Murder / Peter Swanson

A Talent for Murder

Stuart Woods' Smolder / Brett Battles

Stuart Woods' Smolder

None of This is True / Jewell, Lisa

None of This is True

The Next Mrs. Parrish / Liv Constantine

The Next Mrs. Parrish

Never Lie / Freida McFadden

Never Lie

The Midnight Feast / Lucy Foley

The Midnight Feast

Diva Goes Overboard / Davis, Krista

Diva Goes Overboard

Board to Death / CJ Connor

Board to Death

After Death / Koontz, Dean

After Death

Instruments of Darkness / connolly john

Instruments of Darkness

An Unfinished Murder / Jude Deveraux

An Unfinished Murder

Toxic Prey / John Sandford

Toxic Prey

Think Twice / Harlan Coben

Think Twice

Last Seen in Havana / Teresa Dovalpage

Last Seen in Havana

I Will Ruin You / Linwood Barclay

I Will Ruin You

Forget Me Never / Susan Wittig Albert

Forget Me Never

Feline Fatale / Rita Mae Brown

Feline Fatale

Crosshairs / James Patterson,James O. Born


Circle in the Water / Marcia Muller

Circle in the Water

The 24th Hour / James Patterson,Maxine Paetro

The 24th Hour

The Last Time She Saw Him / Kate White

The Last Time She Saw Him

Ill-Fated Fortune / Jennifer J. Chow

Ill-Fated Fortune

Clive Cussler the Heist / Jack Du Brul

Clive Cussler the Heist

Extinction / Douglas Preston


Darling Girls / Sally Hepworth

Darling Girls

It Had to be You / Clark, Mary Higgins; Burke, Alafair

It Had to be You

A Calamity of Souls / David Baldacci

A Calamity of Souls

She's Not Sorry / Kubica, Mary

She's Not Sorry

Daughter of Mine / Miranda, Megan

Daughter of Mine

Argylle / Elly Conway