African American

The Secret Keeper of Main Street / Trisha R. Thomas

The Secret Keeper of Main Street

What You Leave Behind / Wanda M Morris

What You Leave Behind

One of Our Kind / Nicola Yoon

One of Our Kind

Farewell, Amethystine / Walter Mosley

Farewell, Amethystine

When I Think of You / Myah Ariel

When I Think of You

The American Queen / Vanessa Miller

The American Queen

Where There's Smoke / Kiki Swinson

Where There's Smoke

The Kiss Countdown / Etta Easton

The Kiss Countdown

James / Percival Everett


One of Us Knows / Alyssa Cole

One of Us Knows

All We Were Promised / Ashton Lattimore

All We Were Promised

Stuck On You / Monica Walters

Stuck On You

Street Players / Donald Goines

Street Players

Full Figured 18 / Monica Walters,Treasure Hernandez

Full Figured 18

Fantasy Island / PYRPLE

Fantasy Island

Cold Blooded / Roy Glenn

Cold Blooded

Butter Soft / Erick S. Gray

Butter Soft

Absolute Power / Zari

Absolute Power

Missing White Woman / Kellye Garrett

Missing White Woman

Double Lives / Mary Monroe

Double Lives

This Could Be Us / Kennedy Ryan

This Could Be Us

Manhattan / C. N. Phillips


The Partner Plot / Kristina Forest

The Partner Plot

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde / Tia Williams

A Love Song for Ricki Wilde

Frenemy Fix-Up / Yahrah St. John

Frenemy Fix-Up

Brooklyn / Tracy Brown


Silent Judgment / Zaire Crown

Silent Judgment

A Dark Place / Travis Hunter

A Dark Place

Black Godfather / K'wan

Black Godfather

The Stiletto Agreement / JaQuavis Coleman

The Stiletto Agreement

A Motive for Murder / Roy Glenn

A Motive for Murder