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The Vanishing at Loxby Manor / Abigail Wilson

The Vanishing at Loxby Manor

Under the Starry Skies / Tracie Peterson

Under the Starry Skies

A Time for Singing / Carol James

A Time for Singing

The Italian Ballerina / Kristy Cambron

The Italian Ballerina

By Way of the Moonlight / Elizabeth Musser

By Way of the Moonlight

Anything But Plain / Suzanne Woods Fisher

Anything But Plain

Critical Alliance / Goddard, Elizabeth

Critical Alliance

Harvest Moon / Denise Hunter

Harvest Moon

Sunburst / Susan May Warren


Sold on Love / Kathleen Fuller

Sold on Love

Long Way Home / Lynn Austin

Long Way Home

Deception / Patricia Bradley


The Last Way Home / Liz Johnson

The Last Way Home

I'll Be Seeing You / Robin Lee Hatcher

I'll Be Seeing You

The Heart of the Mountains / Pepper Basham

The Heart of the Mountains

Crossfire / Lynette Eason


The Welcome Wagon / Jamie Adams

The Welcome Wagon

The Warmth of Sunshine / Kelly Irvin

The Warmth of Sunshine

A Time to Bloom / Lauraine Snelling,Kiersti Giro

A Time to Bloom

Still My Forever / Kim Vogel Sawyer

Still My Forever

A Quilt for Christmas: A Christmas Novella / Melody Carlson

A Quilt for Christmas: A Christmas Novella

The Orchard / Beverly Lewis

The Orchard

The Light at Wyndcliff / Sarah E. Ladd

The Light at Wyndcliff

Inventions of the Heart / Mary Connealy

Inventions of the Heart

In Honors Defense / Karen Witemeyer

In Honors Defense

Edge of Dusk / Coble, Colleen

Edge of Dusk

The Apple Creek Announcement / Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Apple Creek Announcement

The Apostles Sister / Angela Elwell Hunt

The Apostles Sister

Samuel's Return / Simpson, Susan Lantz

Samuel's Return

Record Keeper / Martin, Charles

Record Keeper

Off the Chain / Thompson, Janice

Off the Chain

Deadly Shallows / Pettrey, Dani

Deadly Shallows

Written on the Wind / Elizabeth Camden

Written on the Wind

When the Day Comes / Gabrielle Meyer

When the Day Comes

Unfailing Love / JANETTE. LOGAN OKE (LAUREL OKE.),Laurel Oke Logan

Unfailing Love

Turn to Me / Becky Wade

Turn to Me

Relative Justice / Robert Whitlow

Relative Justice

Bless Your Heart, Rae Sutton / Susannah B. Lewis

Bless Your Heart, Rae Sutton

Beyond the Desert Sands / Tracie Peterson

Beyond the Desert Sands

Where the Road Bends / Fordham, Rachel

Where the Road Bends

When the Meadow Blooms / Gabhart, Ann H.

When the Meadow Blooms

Dead Fall / Mehl, Nancy

Dead Fall

Cliffhanger / Davis, Susan Page


The View from Coral Cove / Amy Clipston

The View from Coral Cove