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The Year of Jubilee / Cindy Morgan

The Year of Jubilee

Under the Magnolias / T. I. Lowe

Under the Magnolias

Pinecraft Refuge / Lenora Worth

Pinecraft Refuge

The Laws of Attraction / Mary Connealy

The Laws of Attraction

In This Moment / Gabrielle Meyer

In This Moment

Her Alaskan Return / Belle Calhoune

Her Alaskan Return

The Heart's Choice / Tracie Peterson,Kimberley Woodhouse

The Heart's Choice

The Vanishing at Castle Moreau / Jaime Jo Wright

The Vanishing at Castle Moreau

The Tapestry of Grace / Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Tapestry of Grace

Love Throught the Seasons / Tracie Peterson

Love Throught the Seasons

Her Only Wish / Shelley Shepard Gray

Her Only Wish

Fields of Bounty / Lauraine Snelling

Fields of Bounty

Every Good Gift / Kelly Irvin

Every Good Gift

Across the Shores / Angela K. Couch, Kelly J. Goshorn, Carolyn  Miller, and Cara Putman

Across the Shores

The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady / Sharon J. Mondragon

The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady

One More Time for Joy / Amy Lillard

One More Time for Joy

Libyan Diversion / Rosenberg, Joel C.

Libyan Diversion

Blind Trust / Walters, Natalie

Blind Trust

What Happens Next / Christina Suzann Nelson

What Happens Next

Second Time Around / Melody Carlson

Second Time Around

The Rose and the Thistle / Laura Frantz

The Rose and the Thistle

Letters of Trust / Wanda E. Brunstetter

Letters of Trust

Honor's Refuge / Hallee Bridgeman

Honor's Refuge

Hearts of Steel / Elizabeth Camden

Hearts of Steel

After the Shadows / Amanda Cabot

After the Shadows

Windswept Way / Hannon, Irene

Windswept Way

Novel Proposal / Hunter, Denise

Novel Proposal

My Darkest Night / White, Linda J.

My Darkest Night

Word of Honor / Hallee Bridgeman

Word of Honor

The Weight of Air / Kimberly Duffy

The Weight of Air

The Sound of Light / Sarah Sundin

The Sound of Light

Remember Me / Tracie Peterson

Remember Me

A Mark of Grace / Kimberley Woodhouse

A Mark of Grace

Daughter of Eden / Jill Eileen Smith

Daughter of Eden

Plot Thickens / Davis, Susan Page

Plot Thickens

Metropolitan Affair / Green, Jocelyn

Metropolitan Affair

Cold Light of Day / Goddard, Elizabeth

Cold Light of Day

A Place to Land / Lauren Denton

A Place to Land

Everything Is Just Beginning / Erin Bartels

Everything Is Just Beginning

The Courtship Plan / Kathleen Fuller

The Courtship Plan

Barking Up the Wrong Tree / Janice Thompson

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

The Sisters of Sea View / Julie Klassen

The Sisters of Sea View

A Match in the Making / Jen Turano

A Match in the Making

Holding the Line / Jennifer Delamere

Holding the Line

Forged in Love / Connealy, Mary

Forged in Love

Engaging Deception / Regina Jennings

Engaging Deception

Critical Threat / Lynette Eason

Critical Threat

The Bookshop of Secrets / Mollie Rushmeyer

The Bookshop of Secrets

Authentically, Izzy / Pepper Basham

Authentically, Izzy

The Amish Matchmaker / Amy Lillard

The Amish Matchmaker