Non-Fiction|Biography & History

Voyage of Mercy / Stephen Puleo

Voyage of Mercy

John Adams Under Fire / Dan Abrams,David Fisher

John Adams Under Fire

The Hunt for History / Nathan Raab,Luke Barr

The Hunt for History

American Rebels / Nina Sankovitch

American Rebels

82 Days on Okinawa / Art Shaw,Robert L. Wise

82 Days on Okinawa

1774 / Mary Beth Norton


Unknown Valor / Martha MacCallum

Unknown Valor

Franklin and Washington / Edward J. Larson

Franklin and Washington

Author in Chief / Craig Fehrman

Author in Chief

Washington's End / Jonathan Horn

Washington's End

American Daughter / STEPHANIE. PLYMALE

American Daughter

Untamed / Glennon Doyle


Bag Man / Rachel Maddow,Michael Yarvitz

Bag Man

Prophetic City / Stephen L. Klineberg

Prophetic City

Countdown 1945 / Chris Wallace

Countdown 1945

Killing Crazy Horse / Bill O'Reilly

Killing Crazy Horse

The Last Book on the Left / Ben Kissel,Marcus Parks,Henry Zebrowski

The Last Book on the Left

The House of Kennedy / James Patterson

The House of Kennedy

Anne Boleyn / Hayley Nolan

Anne Boleyn

More Myself / Alicia Keys

More Myself

Why We're Polarized / Ezra Klein

Why We're Polarized

American Manifesto / Bob Garfield

American Manifesto

The Right Kind of Crazy / Clint Emerson

The Right Kind of Crazy

Goliath / Matt Stoller


Antisocial / Andrew Marantz


A Time for All Things / Craig Alan Miller

A Time for All Things

Scarred / Sarah Edmondson


Dylan & Me / Louie Kemp,Kinky Friedman

Dylan & Me

Open Book / Lou Htims

Open Book