Non-Fiction | Biography & History

While Time Remains / Yeonmi Park

While Time Remains

Rough Sleepers / Tracy Kidder

Rough Sleepers

Con/Artist / Tony Tetro,Giampiero Ambrosi


I Don't Need Therapy / Toni Lodge

I Don't Need Therapy

An Assassin in Utopia / Susan Wels

An Assassin in Utopia

George VI and Elizabeth / Sally Bedell Smith

George VI and Elizabeth

How Far the Light Reaches / Sabrina Imbler

How Far the Light Reaches

Everything I Never Dreamed / Ruth M. Glenn

Everything I Never Dreamed

Deliberate Cruelty / Roseanne Montillo

Deliberate Cruelty

There Will Be Fire / Rory Carroll

There Will Be Fire

Lost Girls / Robert Kolker

Lost Girls

Queen of Our Times / Robert Hardman

Queen of Our Times

Spare / Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex


No Filter / Paulina Porizkova

No Filter

The Angel Makers / Patti McCracken

The Angel Makers

So Help Me God / Mike Pence

So Help Me God

Who We Are Now / Michelle Fishburne

Who We Are Now

Forager / Michelle Dowd


Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing / Matthew Perry

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing

A Mystery of Mysteries / Mark Dawidziak

A Mystery of Mysteries

How to Stand Up to a Dictator / Maria Ressa

How to Stand Up to a Dictator

Haunted in America / Leslie Rule

Haunted in America

The Watchmaker's Daughter / Larry Loftis

The Watchmaker's Daughter

Hijab Butch Blues / Lamya H

Hijab Butch Blues

I Saw Death Coming / Kidada E. Williams

I Saw Death Coming

The Jeffersonians / Kevin R. C. Gutzman

The Jeffersonians

Myth America / Kevin M. Kruse,Julian E. Zelizer

Myth America

Marriage Be Hard / Kevin Fredericks,Melissa Fredericks

Marriage Be Hard

The Grimkes / Kerri K. Greenidge

The Grimkes

Pathogenesis / Jonathan Kennedy


Why I Stand / Jonathan Isaac

Why I Stand

Becoming Free Indeed / Jinger Vuolo

Becoming Free Indeed

Master Slave Husband Wife / Ilyon Woo

Master Slave Husband Wife

Fieldwork / Iliana Regan


Lapidarium / Hettie Judah


The Last Campaign / H. W. Brands

The Last Campaign

The Book of Jose / FAT JOE,Shaheem Reid

The Book of Jose

The Odyssey of Phillis Wheatley / David Waldstreicher

The Odyssey of Phillis Wheatley

The Wager / David Grann

The Wager

Too Close to Me / Dave Pelzer

Too Close to Me

Valor / Dan Hampton


A Haunted Road Atlas / Christine Schiefer,Em Schulz

A Haunted Road Atlas

Ghosts of the Orphanage / Christine Kenneally

Ghosts of the Orphanage

In the Dream House / Carmen Maria Machado

In the Dream House

The Nazi Conspiracy / Brad Meltzer,Josh Mensch

The Nazi Conspiracy

Surviving / Beverly Gooden


I Know Who You Are / Barbara Rae-Venter

I Know Who You Are

The Mccartney Legacy / Allan Kozinn,Adrian Sinclair

The Mccartney Legacy

Seventy Times Seven / Alex Mar

Seventy Times Seven

Haunted Texas / Alan N. Brown

Haunted Texas