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Anson Jones Students May 1923
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Looking north up Pruett Street students marched to new Anson Jones School May 1923, but the school did not officially open until the fall of 1923. J.F. Crawford was the first superintendent. The old school on Sterling was known as the Goose Creek School and the area to which they moved was considered a part of Goose Creek in 1923 yet the sign student Alford Aron is carrying proclaims this to be the first grade of “Newtown.” The teachers are on the left Miss Edna Dewitt and on the right Miss Virginia Cook who later became Mrs. Virginia Carter. Miss Edna Dewitt was the great-granddaughter of Green C. DeWitt one of the original Spanish land grant holders in early Texas history. The photo was taken on the roof of the White Star Laundry.
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