Best Mysteries

Woof / Quinn


Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s  Library / Grabenstein

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Julieta and the Diamond Enigma / Armendariz

Julieta and the Diamond Enigma

Inspector Flytrap / Angleberger

Inspector Flytrap

Howard Wallace, P.I. / Lyall

Howard Wallace, P.I.

How I Became a Spy / Hopkinson

How I Became a Spy

High Rise Private Eyes / Rylant

High Rise Private Eyes

Finally, Something Mysterious / Cornett

Finally, Something Mysterious

Connect the Dots / Calabrese

Connect the Dots

Milo and Jazz / Montgomery

Milo and Jazz

Chicken Squad / Cronin

Chicken Squad

Chasing Vermeer / Balliett

Chasing Vermeer

Capital Mysteries Series / Roy

Capital Mysteries Series

Cam Jansen Series / Adler

Cam Jansen Series

All the Wrong Questions / Snicket

All the Wrong Questions

Ali Cross / Patterson

Ali Cross

A to Z Mysteries Series / Roy

A to Z Mysteries Series

Mariella Mystery / Pankhurst

Mariella Mystery

Mo and Dale Mysteries / Turnage

Mo and Dale Mysteries

Wallace and Grace / Alexander

Wallace and Grace

The Boxcar Children Series / Warner

The Boxcar Children Series

The Winterhouse Mysteries / Guterson

The Winterhouse Mysteries

The Westing Game / Raskin

The Westing Game

The Real McCoys / Swanson

The Real McCoys

The Parker Inheritance / Johnson

The Parker Inheritance

The Mysterious Benedict Society / Stewart

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Buddy Files / Butler

The Buddy Files

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries / Grabenstein

Super Puzzletastic Mysteries

Moon Base Alpha Series / Gibbs

Moon Base Alpha Series

Shelby Holmes / Eulberg

Shelby Holmes

Secret Coders Series / Yang

Secret Coders Series

Room One / Clements

Room One

Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective / Spencer

Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective

Precious Ramotswe Series / McCall Smith

Precious Ramotswe Series

Nate the Great Series / Sharmat

Nate the Great Series

Nancy Drew Series / Keene

Nancy Drew Series

39 Clues Series /

39 Clues Series